Mark L. Bennett

Quick Photo Links: The Gardens of Sunnyvale from Space (courtesy of Microsoft Tera Server), and the Bennett Family Picture!
So this is cyberspace, eh? (Of course, this page is under construction, since about 1995!)

Some facts about myself:

My Family

This is the gang on my grandparents' 60th anniversary in July 1995. The picture was taken on the back yard steps, at our house in NH. You can click on the small picture below to see a larger version.

Who's who
Grandpa and Grandma Bennett
Mom and Dad
Pam and Dale (my oldest brother and his wife)
Karen, Mike & Eric (my middle brother, his wife & son)
T.J. (Eric's oldest son)
Kenny (Eric & Karen's son) and myself

Site's I maitain or assist with:

My company's website, New Idea Engineering, Inc. at

My brother's Pool Service website

Joe Nixon's website.

The Billy Defrank website (the schedule page)

Primary email: or my permanent personal address at